To anyone in the LP underground universe I want to know if any of you have met the band


If so describe the experience, like what were they like, how did you feel did you walk away like i know you probably did an even bigger fan. i myself have a fan since the beginning. I have not had the pleasure so I would like to know whats it like should I ever find myself one of the lucky ones.


I have not yet, but I hope to really soon :slight_smile:


You walk away feeling proud to know such kind, funny guys, and you already think of the next show or event or M&G to try and say hello again.

Try hard to be yourself- don’t waste on freaking out, and they can in fact talk about, say, what dog they’d like and which cheese is the smelliest.

They are all great and easy to talk to if you pick up on their personality well, and don’t hyperventilate on them and make them wonder if they’ll have to call an ambulance (:


I walked away really happy, the guys were so nice, and will talk to you even if you have nothing to say to them, haha. But definitely don’t be nervous! Being nervous will ruin the experience, ask them anything they’re such great guys they will answer almost anything. Joe will probably say something strange LOL, but if you have a specific question try to get that in there or talk to them and enjoy the moment because it goes by very fast! There’s lots of people there so it’s expected.

Good luck!