To-dos and not-to-dos in a M&G


Hello,I’ve never been to a M&G and don’t know if I’ll ever have a chance to either,but better to be prepared than unprepared.I’ve heard Mike in his last LPU chat talked about this,but I kinda missed that one,can any LP fan tell me the rules out of your experiences in a M&G,much appreciated.


If you ever win the m&g lottery, they will tell you how to behave. You’ll receive an e-mail with first information and on the day of the m&g, shortly before LP will enter the room, they will tell about some guidelines like no kissing and so…


What i’ve noticed is how LP fans are so behaved haha, when I met Mike at the FM show in London, everybody stayed so calmed when he showed up ! OO" I think there is also this universal rule of no touching (a tap in the back, etc is fine, but no hugs etc unless the band member initiates it)


@Wen_Yu 1 - Valid photo ID (driver’s license, school ID, work ID, library card, passport, etc). Anything that is official with a picture will be accepted. If you are under the age of 13, your guardian’s photo ID will work.

2 -Your ticket to the show. WE ARE NOT GIVING OUT ANY TICKETS so make sure you have your own!

3 - Print out of this confirmation email.

4 – YOU DO NOT need to have an LPU XIII membership laminate to attend a meet & greet.

Please be sure to calculate the time needed to find the meeting spot. If you miss the pickup for the meet and greet, there is no way to get in late. Please be aware that you may have to wait for a certain period before the Meet & Greet begins. If you leave the M&G waiting line at any time (for instance, to watch another band’s performance), please be aware that you may not be allowed to return, especially if the M&G has already started.

Each person will be allowed to have ONE, and only one, item signed by members of Linkin Park. Remember that you should plan to carry this item with you throughout the show, as most venues do not allow re-entries. Please do not bring large or bulky items.

Camera policies are subject to the venue, but we will NOT be allowing individual photos at this meet and greet due to time constraints. Please check with the venue before bringing your camera. Please also note that we are not responsible for any last minute specific security issues that may arise and change the camera policy.

Wear your LP Underground shirt or LPU XIII Soccer Jersey! This will help the members of Linkin Park and other LPU members to recognize you!

Remember that by attending the event, you are automatically consenting to being filmed, photographed, recorded and taped in and around the premises of the event. Your presence constitutes a voluntary agreement and release, granting LPU and Linkin Park and its assigns the right to include your image,
photograph, likeness and/or voice in such recording for use throughout the world in any and all media and by any method, now or hereafter known, in perpetuity. If you are not in voluntary agreement, you should not attend the event. If you are under 18 years of age, your guardian must be in voluntary agreement with the foregoing in order for you to attend the event.

Meet & Greet Frequently Asked Questions can be found here: hope this will help


@Wen_Yu Meet & Greet photos will be uploaded a few days after the show to this page (if available):


Thank you,@Chris_Styles @Tascha for the clarification,but will the camera guys take photos of each LPU member who attends the M&G,I know they’ll be taking group photos,and will they do it individually for you when you meet the band memebers?Or else can you ask them to do that favor for you?And plus is there a time restriction for how long you can stay at the booth? @Christopher_Wharton LOL,that’s amazing,I always wanted to meet Mike at that close,though the closest distance I can get is about 10 meters between which stand a bar and numbers of security guys,I really hope one day Mike can do a intimate show in China like he did in Europe.


@Wen_Yu they will take phots of the band members singing your item may not be of each person some get lucky and get a solo photo but that’s for LPU because would not have time to do photo with every person who attends the meet & greet you may get on some photos so its worth checking the meet & greet photos when there uploaded to LPU

you may get something like this I appear in a few photos but never knew until I was looking trough so always look trough each of your meet & greet photos


Thank you for the information!


@Wen_Yu your very welcome :slight_smile: