To those of you Linkin Park have saved your life?


This May I lost my boyfriend for HIV I loved and still love my boyfriend I miss very much.
I was depressed from May until February after the loss of my boyfriend saw useless around me I felt alone and I suffered in silence every day was a struggle to even get up from my bed I got up very late even at 1:00 in the afternoon or not I ate because I had little appetite just my family I was near my best friends there have never been close to me, I was in total darkness, the sun was out the window but around me there was there was only the 'total eclipse was tough for me but here I am standing is thanks to my family and if I live to Linkin Park :heartpulse:

What is the meaning of Linkin Park in your Life?

stay strong Arena LP will always be with you


First, I would say I’m really sorry for your boyfriend and I feel like I need to tell you that you might not be alone in this terrrible moment. If you feel alone, just turn around, be with family and friends. If it’s not enough be with LPUers or even with strangers and talk about everything. Sometimes, it helps to get out of the darknesses.
Then I would say I can uderstand how you feel about LP. I also feel that if there music did not exist, I wouldn’t be here right now. I went accross really hard moments and I’ve been in depression for almost half of my life. I was thinking that I was all alone in the darkness. Someday, a person made me hear NUMB. That just changed my life. I felt I was not alone, like something from the music was echoing inside of me. It just help me to get through this moments. And years after years LP help me to get better and to go through every hard stuff that was coming.
I hope you’ll go through this. And if, someday you need to talk, remember that we are there … :blush:


I think there are a lot of strong LP fans. It’s beautiful to see what their music does with people. We fight back with LP songs in our head. I totally agree with Aelita, we should search light to get out of the darkness. A sort of breaking out yourself, but with a positive connotation.
I suffer from an eating disorder. One day, a friend sended me a link of ‘Numb’. And I’m glad he did because I can’t imagine my life without their music. LP helped me from the bottom of the mountain, again to the top. It’s a struggle, every day. But the influence of LP will never fade.
Strenght to everyone and if you want to talk. I love talking and I’m not the only one :wink:


when live leaves us blind, love keeps us kind. stay strong. <3


you were lost in the echo… i dont know to well depression but i do feel LP when i feel i cant go on. i feel ya…


I salute u dear …i think in the world every person is spacial.don’t felt alone, LP solders are always with you dear <3


Sorry for your loss. Linkin Park has definitely helped me through some rough times. They have perfect songs for any situation. Iridescent is the song I go to when things get rough. Always puts a smile on my face and tears in my eyes.


glad finding this topic today cause it gives strengh to the people on the bottom, from the soldiers who are strong, and these position bottom to top are changing so fast in live, that I today take the words for standing up again cause I´m a strong soldier, that need the strenght of all you other at these days… thanks that we´re all here one for another, today I need to take, mb next time if you need a friend theres a seat here alongside me :broken_heart: