To which LT song will guys do another video clip, what do you think? Or which one would YOU like to be the next?


It’s a simple question I think. :slight_smile:

LT has 12 tracks (we all know it, of course). “BID” already has a video clip (nothing new for us - again), “Powerless” is a part of music trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie and (in my opinion) “Tinfoil” won’t get one. So here’re 9 songs - which one deserves another clip?

Personally I would wish it to be “Powerless”. I know this one already has a clip (even though it’s only the movie clip) so I don’t think it’ll get another one but this song is very special in my eyes. I don’t even know what exactly it is but this song attracts me immensely. I love the song! (Like all others, of course!)

I know that “Powerless” is sad song in essence, it’s full of pain and sorrow, the lyrics almost made me cry (cause I can see myself in these words; I see there - especially in the part “and you held it all but you were careless to let it fall” - how we eventually broke up after 2,5 years lasting relationship cause of lack of interest of my former partner), but despite all of this (even despite of the song title) - it’s full of power and hope, I just can feel em. I’m not able to tell you WHY but it’s just like this. This one is really extra special for me.

So I imagine the screenplay - Chester sits on a upholstered chair in a living room in someone’s house and right next to him on the couch sit an arguing young married couple (Chester looks at em, but the pair ignores him, he’s something like invisible for em). Music starts to play and we can hear some of their arguments, but how Chester starts to sing, arguing gets quieter and quieter (they still argue but we cannot hear it anymore). Then the girl stands up and leaves the house very angry. The guy still sits and he’s dissapointed, angry but sad too. Eventually he stands up, comes at the big living room’s window and looks how his wife gets in the car and leaves.

He goes in the kitches (where sits Rob at the kitchen table, he’s “invisible” for the guy as well as Chester), the guy takes a bottle of whiskey (or something), opens it, then he sits on the floor and starts to cry.

Then we get to the girl’s car. She drives and on the back seat sits Mike (he’s also “invisible” for her). After a while she stops, gets off the car, rings the bell at the building and comes in. Mike goes all the time with her, up the stairs to the door which opens some guy. Then she goes in the flat, starts to kiss the guy and the door closes automatically. Mike remains standing at the door.

We are back in the couple’s house - a bit drunk guy finally stands up from the floor, comes in the garage, gets in his car and leaves too. In his car in the passenger seat sits Joe (also “invisible”). The guy still cries. Suddenly we hear a hit - he had a car crash.

Meanwhile the girl is still in another guy’s flat. They look very happy, the guy dressed only in underwear and the girl dressed only in a lingerie and guy’s shirt (to be clear to us what they did before) stand at the living room’s window, smoke and smile happily. At this living room’s couch sits Dave. Then the girl’s phone rings. She pickes the phone up, listens for a while and starts to cry. Then she grabbes her things, rushes to her car and leaves somewhere. The guy runs in front of the house and shouts at her cause he doesn’t know what’s happened. Dave stays besides him.

Another shot is from ambulance, where rescuers try to revive the guy but unsuccessfully. In the ambulance sits Brad (“invisible” as well). Then they reach the hospital and they still try to revive the guy but he dies. Then the girl arrives to the hospital when they tell her these horrible news. She collapses.

The clip ends at the funeral. The girl (and another people) stand on one side of the grave, on the other side stand the whole band together. She cries and looks at them (now they aren’t invisible for her anymore). They look at her too and at the moment when Chester sings the last “Powerless”, the band turn and leave the funeral.

Umm, I guess I overdid it a bit :smiley: But my fantasy is endless sometimes :smiley: I don’t know if you’ll like it or if you’ll even read it (it’s pretty long I admit:D) but these pictures move in my head when I listen to it. :)) So I’ll be glad if you’ll join this discussion, if you’ll tell me which LT song is your favorite or share your ideas. :slight_smile:


For me, there are some cool parts in what you’ve done, but the whole thing looks a bit… too much sorrow, especially ending.

I don’t know which song to choose, but I thought, it would be cool, if they made something connected with Chester’s flame tattoos in “Burn It Down”. Too bad they didn’t…


I’d love to see a video for CASTLE OF GLASS!


Castle Of Glass! agree


that they chose lost in the echo is already epic

i also think castle of glass would be an awesome idea
they should make a video that totally fits the words castle of glass if you know what i mean
but then again, that would probably cost a lot of money… i know they are rich but still…

roads untraveled wouldnt be such a bad idea either and powerless


Castle of Glass or Victimized


I think you’re “Plot” for Powerless’s possible music video wouldn’t take place, it’s just too mainstream-alike.
It’s too relationship based, Linkin Park always uses metaphors for things in their music videos, for example in The Catalyst, you don’t see an atomic bomb going off in that video, do you? It’s all hidden and really well elaborated.
You’re story is too obvious, if that makes any sense at all.

But I would like 'em to make a music video for In My Remains or Lies Greed Misery.


Castle of Glass. I think it will make a great video.


Lost In The Echo it will be a great music video


[quote=isia199549]Lost In The Echo it will be a great music video