Today's chat with phoenix


Hey everyone! Wanted to say a couple of things about today’s chat.
First, seems like Phoenix was actually into it! He joked and was on for a fairly long time!

Secondly, if anyone recorded it. please let me know because I was one of the many with connection issues…
Any shocks that I miss?


It was recorded officially and most likely will be on LPU in a few days. I missed a big chunk, too, because of the site not working correctly


Me I was too tyred waiting on that… :disappointed:


I also missed it, because for me it was 1AM, I was sleeping at that time :smiley:
But I read a recap so I know the most important info from the chat.

And hey Phoenix, we also love The Little Things Give You Away!!


Are you sure @TripleXero? They haven’t uploaded any of the recent chats, even though they said they would.


I guess I’m just going off what they said. Mark was recording and they said it would most likely be uploaded


Well then, I just hope they will this time.


Hey guys!

You can find the recorded LPU Chats in the LPU-TV section here The most recent one we uploaded was with Chester here:

- Lulu / LPU HQ


Thank lulu :smile: