Tomorrow in Alpharetta!


I am super excited for the show tomorrow in Alpharetta, GA! This will be my sixth LP show & second M&G. And on top of that, I’m leaving today to go see a friend of mine I haven’t seen since the last LP show in Atlanta back in January 2011! Me & this girl pretty much grew up together, we’ve been friends around 14 years now, and because I live closer to Tennessee than Atlanta, I rarely ever see her. I am so excited I don’t have words for it right now.

Who else will I see there?



How lucky are you!!!

Hope you get something signed for me


Congrats!So jelly,Itl be my first show tomorrow,I hope i get a m&g.


Lucky girl! This will be my fourth concert :-)) I’m soo freaking excited !!! See you guys tomorrow!


have fun everyone that going to tomorrow show :slight_smile:




First of all, best show I’ve ever seen. But, I was selected for M&G and showed up at 7:10 for the 7:30p required time. Got to the door and they said not yet as they let people in and to come back at 8:20p. Came back and at 8:20p doorman said we will go in at 8:30p. At around 9p a lady came up and said we were in the wrong area and LP was about to go on. They screwed about 40 people in line and no one got to M&G. Luckily my friends were in the pit and I was able to watch the show close but this was terrible and unorganized. I will never pay an extra amount for underground or anything else going forward after this crap. I received an email at at 9:38p with them apologizing for the mix up even though they said it was our mix up in the line. This was totally unacceptable and I hope someone can fix what happened. I came 2 states over and was pumped up not only to see them for the first time but to meet them as well and to be shit on like that was a let down. But thanks to LP for the great show!




Dang… Wouldn’t LP have noticed that no one was at the M&G?


Meet & Greet was small…and hard to find. Adam’s instructions were kind of…odd. But he was super cool about it when he found the people in the wrong areas. Chester touched me. I was so excited, and in the big group picture he was like right in front of me I was so stoked. Also that was their best set ever! I’m gonna have a blog about it within the next day or so.