Too Chester you will be missed


so… wow.

I only saw you and the LP gang only 18 days ago with 20,000 other adoring fans of all ages, genders and faiths, and you hid it so well.

I kick myself for not doing the meat and greet because I would have thank you to you and LP for all the amazing music, wisdom, kind hearted ness, humbling nature and guidance you have not only given me but to adoring fans over the world.

Linkin Parks music since early 2000’s has made me smile, made me think, helped me stand out on my own. My wife even aloud me to have a couple of songs played at our wedding.

but most importantly been that candle of light when the world around me seemed so dark. From bullies at school, helping me as an audio aid with my dyislexia and now I’m older, to having a shitty day at work, or just even when life feels to much and I felt worth less. You and LP’s music were their to guide me

And for this i am sorry I/we could not help you when you needed a light to guide you.

Chester you were loved and will be greatly missed. But luckily you have left a fabulous legacy with some amazing band mates.

Mike, Dave, rob, brad and the great mr hahn we are here for you and Remeber the good time.

Please don’t give up creating somthing special



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