Too legit problem


Why is my device saying can’t open download??


What type of device are you referring to?


If you’re trying on your phone, it’s a zip file with a wav file within it, it probably won’t be able to open either files


Was on iPhone at first and that said safari couldn’t download them on tablet and that downloaded but then said can’t open. Does it need to be a laptop?


I’m sure other devices might be able to handle it, but laptop is your best bet. Also I don’t think you can download mp3’s directly to iOS devices either way


If you have a program that unzips files (like RAR) on your phone or tablet you can download it on those devices as well.


I think that you can maybe listen to an audio file only through a browser on an iPhone, you cannot add it to your library without using iTunes. About the RAR files, just do it through your laptop, it would be the easiest way.


i had download it…awesome, in fact file data is big about 22MB , keep try and patient Guys…