Top 10 lp songs?


What’s your top 10
in the end
With you
Bleed it out
leave out all the rest
new divide
burn it down
A place for my head

Any fav LP songs?
Linkin Park albums
  1. No roads left
  2. Breaking the habit
  3. The Catalyst
  4. Until It´s Gone
  5. Valentine´s day
  6. Waiting for the end
  7. Runaway
  8. Papercut
  9. Bleed it out
  10. Faint


1 . Numb
2. A line in the Sand
3. Faint
4. Keys to the Kingdom
5 . A place for my head
6 . Blackout
7 . Breaking the Habit
8 . Bleed it Out
9 . Rebellion
10 . The Catalyst :wink:


tough choice :smile:
breaking the habit
across the line
a line in the sand
pushing me away
with you
no more sorrow
final masquerade
what i´ve done
leave out all the rest


This is difficult
2.A Line In The Sand
3.In My Remains
4.Castle Of Glass
5.I’ll Be Gone
6.Easier To Run
7.A Place For My Head
8.No More Sorrow
9.Keys To The Kingdom


Here’s mine, but it will probably change tommorow.
These are in no particular order.
Keys to the Kingdom
Roads Untraveled
In my Remains
Guilty All the Same
Wretches and Kings
By Myself
Hands Held High
No more Sorrow
Points of Authority


This was tough. In no particular order:
Breaking the Habit
Don’t Stay
From the Inside
Keys to the Kingdom
Points of Authority
In Pieces


In the end , powerless , roads untravled , hands held high , leave out all the rest , with you , one step closer , the little thinks gave you away , no roads left , papercut


No, No, No, This is too difficult choice, 10 songs? far too little

  1. in the end
  2. numb
  3. in pieces
  4. little things gives you away
  5. faint

6 somewhere i belong
7. new divide
8. guilty all the same
9. blackout
10. my december live


What I’ve Done
In The End
With You
Guilty All The Same
Given Up
Bleed It Out
One Step Closer


Well… that’s sort of the whole point :stuck_out_tongue:


Impossible question, but (in no order):
Valentines Day
Castle of Glass
I’ll Be Gone
The Catalyst
The Messenger
Shadow of the Day
The Little Things Give You Away
A Line in the Sand
Mark the Graves


There is no order after the first 2 i just put the numbers to lnow how many i wrote.
1- breaking the habit
3-all for nothing
4-new divide
5-valentine`s day
6-leave all out the rest
8-one step closer
10-roads untraveled


1.- Waiting for The End
2.- In The End
3.- Runaway
4.- Papercut
5.- Wastelands
6.- Somewhere I Belong
7.- Castle Of Glass
8.- Faint
10.- With You


That’s a pretty hard question but I think I’ll choose:

  1. The Messenger
  2. Iridescent
  3. In The End
  4. Final Masquerade
  5. Pushing Me Away
  6. The Little Things Give You Away
  7. Powerless
  8. A Line In The Sand
  9. My December
  10. Handy Held High



Leave out all the rest
Breaking the Habit
My december
Pushing me away
No more sorrow
Lying to me
In pieces
In the end
New Devide

  1. leave out all the rest
  2. breaking the habit
  3. blackbirds
  4. the messenger
  5. across the line
  6. session
  7. somewhere i belong
  8. the catalyst
  9. the little things give you away
  10. wastelands


1° forgotten
2° lost in the echo
3° the little things give you away
4° my december
5° somewhere i belong
6° faint
7° high voltage
8° burn it down
9° in the end
10° lying from you

  1. Breaking the Habit
  2. From the Inside
  3. Final Masquerade
  4. In My Remains
  5. In Between
  6. Numb
  7. Faint
  8. Easier to Run
  9. Runaway
  10. Guilty all the Same

But it’s really difficult!!