Top 10 lp songs?


Little bit difficult for me!!
3.Pushing Me away
4.Easier to run
5.One step closer
7.Somewhere I belong
8.In Pieces

Maybe I forget a lot of songs, I love them all!


1- Numb
2- In The End
3- Papercut
4- Faint
5- Breaking The Habit
6- Shadow Of The Day
7- Burning In The Skies
8- All For Nothing
9- Blackout
10- Crawling


1 Papercut
2 Faint
3 Given Up
4 Pushing Me Away
5 Points Of Authority
6 Lying Form You
7 In The End
8 Roads Untraveled
9 What I’ve Dome
10 Figure 9.0

But I realy love also all the other songs


Papercut, From the Inside, With you, Numb, In the End,Rebellion, Wastelands, GATS, Bleed it out, Breaking the habit

  1. Somewhere I Belong
  2. A Light That Never Comes
  3. Burn It Down
  4. By Myself
  5. A Place For My Head
  6. Victimized (from Recharged)
  7. In The End
  8. Breaking the Habit
  9. Little Things Give You Away
  10. Lying From You

Hard decision!


new divide,in the end,wretches and kings,given up,Crawling,Figure 09,change,Pushing Me Away,with you,I’ll Be Gone


New Divide
Across the line
A place for my head
Figure 09
Breaking the habit
Final masqurade
No more sorrow
With you
From the inside
:smiley: … and numb, in the end, don’t stay… I love all LP song :blush:


Not in order:

  1. Homecoming
  2. Pale
  3. Dedicated
  4. I have not begun
  5. By myself
  6. In the end
  7. Runaway
  8. Don’t stay
  9. One step closer
  10. No roads left

Honorable mentions:
-Somewhere I belong
-Every other LP song


A Place For My Head
In The End
Breaking The Habit
Leave Out All The Rest
Waiting For The End
Final Masquerade
Until It’s Gone


In no specific order: A Line In The Sand, My December, In The End, Shadow Of The Day, Final Masquerade, Leave Out All The Rest, Breaking The Habit, When They Come For Me, In Pieces, Nobody’s Listening… That indeed was tough…

  1. One Step Closer
  2. Somewhere i Belong
  3. A Place for My Head
  4. Shadow of the Day
  5. What I’ve Done
  6. Lost in the Echo
  7. Papercut
  8. Breaking the habit
  9. The Catalyst
  10. A Line in the Sand


line in the sand
from the inside
with you
across the line
the little things give you away
primo ill be gone demo
step up/high voltage


#in the end, crawling
(Out of order)
#krwlng, in pieces, fuse, part of me, somewhere I belong, in my remains, all for nothing, she couldn’t

This is probably wrong… It’s hard ;-;


Not in order:

Points Of Authority
One Step Closer
A Pleace For My Head
P5hng Me A*wy
Lying From You
Somewhere I Belong
The Catalyst
Lost In The Echo
A Line In The Sand


Def not in any order;

My December
Final masquerade
Waiting for the end
Wretches and Kings
In my remains
Given up


My top 10.
10: From the inside - such a strong song
9:What I’ve done - this song has a really good '‘point’'
8: 1stp Klos - For me, its the most perfect song… drums, rhythm… its just 100% perfect
7: Castle of Glass - Perfect bad mood song
6: The Catalyst -Perfect mad mood song
5: Burn it down- there is just something about that song
4:Final Masquerade - when i fist heard that song, i remembered why i fell in love with LP
3: Numb - Pure gold
2: Hit the floor- Amazing lyrics!
1:Point of Authority- Its just my song, never getting sick of it

  1. And one (Hybrid Theory EP)
  2. Castle of glass (Living Things)
  3. War (The Hunting Party)
  4. One step closer (Hybrid Theory)
  5. Carousel & High voltage (both HT EP)
  6. New divide
  7. Across the line (LPU 9: Demos)
  8. Broken foot (LPU 11)
  9. Numb (Meteora)
  10. Foreword/Don’t stay

Ranking every LP Song

Hands Held High
A Line in The Sand
Final Masquerade (Acoustic)
Until It’s Gone
Bleed It Out
A Place For My Head

But I love all LP songs :heart_eyes:

  1. The Catalyst
  2. Easier to Run
  3. In Pieces
  4. Somewhere I Belong
  5. Leave Out All The Rest
  6. Castle of Glass
  7. Numb
  8. A Line In The Sand
  9. Points of Authority
  10. The Little Things Give You Away


I could never rate the top 10. They change depending on my mood.