Top 3 A7X Songs?


My favorite A7X songs are:

  1. Afterlife (Self-titled)
  2. Beast and the Harlot (City Of Evil)
  3. Save Me (Nightmare)

What are yours? (If you like Avenged Sevenfold)


Not really listened to them much but i am seeing them next week in the UK, to be honest i was going to see Device as they were supporting lol

Shame they pulled out but still looking forward to it!


Too many to choose from. All of them are amazingly awesome.


I got to tell you, A7X is an AWESOME band! I was at the Orion Festival in 2012 where they opened with Nightmare. Their loyal fan-base went ABSOLUTELY INSANE! It was one hell of good time and hearing Metallica perform the Black album and Ride the Lightning in full LIVE simply capped off the 2 day event. The only thing that could made it more perfect would have been LP playing, but I saw them perform and took a photo with them at the Summit in Jersey to COMPLETE my Summer! In answering the question though, I would have to roll with:

  1. Nightmare
  2. Afterlife
  3. Hail to the King

Honorable mention to: “This Means War” because the bass reminds me of “Sad But True” if you really listen to it


As hard as it is to pick, I think I’ve narrowed it down.

  1. Save Me (Nightmare)
  2. Planets (Hail to the King)
  3. Scream (Self-Titled)


A lot of very favorite) I will name lesser half…\

Jon Hopkins - Immunity
Deftones - Tempest
30 Seconds to Mars - Phase 1: Fortification