Top 5 Favorite LP Live Shows?


I don’t know if a thread exists of this already but what are your top 5 favorite LP Live shows?
mine are

  1. 2001-09-16 London, England
  2. 2006-08-12 Osaka, Japan
  3. 2004-08-03 Camden, NJ U.S.A
  4. 2014-08-12 Charlotte, NC U.S.A
  5. 2008-06-29 Milton Keynes, UK

Comment below your favorites. (and mods this is my first time creating a thread. so If this exists already just delete it)


My top LP live show has to be Hybrid Theroy Live was just amazing


Docklands Arena 2001
Wroclaw 2014
Orlando 2015
Rybnik 2015
Rock Am Ring 2001