I have no idea if anything -and what - will happen tommorow…

But whatever comes:

Thank you for pulling me so far, Linkin Park.

Im really paranoid and scared…

If we never meet again on a show, you should now, that you made me very lucky and that I still live because of you… THANK YOU!!! IM WITH YOU!

Im here. In germany. Waiting for the end.


well i’m sure there’s some LP fans in Austrailia, and it’s already 12-21-12 there so i think we’re safe! [biggrin]

But yes I agree with you. LP has helped me through tough times and they’ve changed my life…

So thanks Linkin Park you guys are awesome.


I doubt anything will happen tomorrow


10 mins past midnight and I’m fine :smiley:
If you think you’re gonna die in a few hours, transfer all your money to my bank account. You’re not gonna need it anyway [biggrin]


There’s no need to be worried. It’s not going to end, not for a VERY LONG time. The Mayan Calendar should have ended years ago because it did not include daylights savings time or leap years. Not to mention it doesn’t predict the end of the world, only change.
Anyway, you have nothing to worry about. I’ve been blasting Waiting For The End all say today and In The End tomorrow!!!


Are you still alive?:smiley:


Oh, sweetheart, it’s almost 3 o’clock here in The Netherlands, on December 21st. I’m alive, my parents and pets are alive, everyone’s being all jolly and it hasn’t even been raining a drop yet. No frogs falling from the sky, no locusts, no meteors and no panic. At all. :slight_smile: I’ll give you a virtual hug, for I know how it is to be completely paranoid about this, as I was last year. All is well, huh. (…says a convinced sufferer of the tinfiol hat-syndrome!) Tomorrow, we’ll all wake up happily, realizing that it was only a mass media-induced nightmare. puts on tinfoil hat Besides, how could such an ancien civilization have knowledge of things we don’t even have a clue about, with all our fancy technology? Take care, honey! Merry Christmas to everyone, and a happy new year, for the world can’t end today, because Linkin Park will be touring in 2013 and we couldn’t miss out on that! :wink: -Pickles


Pickles is right :smiley: I can’t die because I can’t stop listening LP :slight_smile:
Merry Chrismas and a happy new year, world isn’t over :stuck_out_tongue:
(In germany, it’s afternoon now, maybe the world will ends before midnight, who knows… :DD)


Well… nothing changed so far… :slight_smile:

But still:


And thank you all, who want to comfort me…
I love you and Im lucky, that everyone survived so far…