Почему смерть забирает самых лучших


Кто мне скажет почему так происходит??


@NickGr, @jabinquaken help please?! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thread title: "Why does death take the very best men?"
OP: “tell me, why this happpens?”


Why do people choose the most fresh and juicy fruits in the grocery? Worthless people like spoiled fruits. Nobody needs them. Nobody cares.
Valuable things and people don’t last forever. Sometimes, the most precious moments and people in our life leave really fast.
“Holding on to what I haven’t got” - that’s what we feel.

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Speaking of fruits, my mother was talking to me the other day about seeing grapes imported from Egypt in the supermarket, but nobody seems to buy. No idea why, maybe it isn’t sweet? (Whatever it is, it’s still quite expensive even though it’s on offer)

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