Toronto Show- Meet Time?


Yep! Vinyl, a piece of the poster he drew on, a little notebook and some MS pencil crayons :slight_smile: I would say there was between 20-30 of us, I think.


Thank you so much for sharing all this! It gives plenty of clarity to everything :grin:
Did everything go by pretty quick or was it somewhat laid back?


Wow! it sounds like the VIP was amazing! I really wish I could have gone. Anyway I would really like to thanks you and Charlie for taking my FM CD inside to get an autograph!.

I didn’t really took photos, but I got a copy of the setlist, which I could take a photo to add there :slight_smile:


Actually it felt pretty laid back! Mike was very calm and zen while answering peoples questions and because the process started with him creating the big poster, it really seemed to calm everyone’s nerves before he came around to sign things for us. I heard several times from the fans around me that they were glad he did it like this because it allowed them to feel at ease and less anxious!


@linkinboss I’m glad we were able to get something signed for you! I hope you’re able to get meet and greet one day :slight_smile:


Nice! I didn’t know you got a set list as well. Glad I could help you, buddy.


I got it at the last minute. While I was waiting for my wife after we split up, one of the guards that was in front (the one that threw a setlist turned around to not see who was picking it up), came wondering with 2 copies of the setlist, he saw me and recognized I was looking for one of those, and gave me one :smiley:


I just saw him in NYC this past weekend - show started at 7:30 and I had VIP passes - they said get there by 5:30 and doors opened at 6:30 - so by that it seems VIP can get in 2 hours before. Good luck!! It was an awesome show!!!


Lpu m&g didn’t get take part in the vinyl wall??:cry::cry::cry:


Hey @nickk7890! Unfortunately not; I believe they took photos with Mike in front of the wall, but they did not draw or on color it. They came in after the wall and soundcheck were over :slight_smile:


That sucks to hear, ty for the info!