Tour Reporters for Honda Civic Tour Wanted!


I’m gonna post fan reviews on my blog again, but I still need reviewers for some dates of the Honda Civic Tour. Anyone interested? Here’s a list of all tour dates and reviewers (will be updated):

Aug 11 Bristow, VA (No reviewer yet)
Aug 12 Uncasville, CT (Review by aud31/LPU)
Aug 14 Mansfield, MA (Review by Kyle Boucher)
Aug 15 Wantagh, NY (An Van Oppens)
Aug 17 Camden, NJ + LPU Summit (Review by AbrahamLinkin12, Melissa McGoldrick and An Van Oppens)
Aug 19 Atlanta, GA (Review by Shotgunopera/LPU)
Aug 21 Auburn Hills, MI (No reviewer yet)
Aug 22 Cincinnati, OH (No reviewer yet)
Aug 24 Tinley Park, IL (Review by Irene_K/LPU)
Aug 25 Indianapolis, IN (No reviewer yet)
Aug 27 Dallas, TX (Review by ROBot Girl/LPU)
Aug 28 The Woodlands, TX (Review by ROBot Girl/LPU)
Aug 30 Englewood, CO (Review by nikkiann0100)
Sep 01 Calgary, AB, Canada – X-FEST Festival (No reviewer yet)
Sep 02 Edmonton, AB, Canada – SONiC BOOM (No reviewer yet)
Sep 04 Vancouver, BC, Canada (No reviewer yet)
Sep 05 Tacoma, WA (Review by Ninjarabi/LPU)
Sep 07 Mountain View, CA (No reviewer yet)
Sep 08 Carson, CA (No reviewer yet)
Sep 10 Chula Vista, CA (Review by Dayna Brisco)
Sep 12 Monterrey, Mexico MTV World Stage (No reviewer yet)
Sep 14 Mexico City, Mexico (No reviewer yet)

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You can read fan reviews from past shows on my other blog here. From now on the fan reviews will be posted on my new blog though ;-D