Transformers 4 and Linkin Park


Hi people,
I wanted to ask you just once.
Transformers four, is filmed without shaya la buff. Be known as probably some of you will. If there should be some Transformers fans :slight_smile: I wanted to ask what you can imagine an actor instead of imagine him?
And yet the same question about whether you are for the Linkin Park is to resume an extra song or take a song from the new album then?

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:


As I know Transformers get a restart and Mark Wahlberg play the lead and will replace shaya la buff.

I think Linkin Park will have again a song for Transformers - new song or from living things, no idea. They are big fans of Transformers and get on well with Michael Bay. So why not again ?


I heard that the next Transformers film will be without LP music, looks like the director wants different music and actors, 'cause the first 3 films were a trilogy ane now they want to start something new.
But I’m not sure about that.


i think that’s a little bit earley for this question, they just started …


I don’t know about the actor, but since I’ve heard I’ll Be Gone i always imagine this song with the movie (:


I heard Shaya didn’t want to take part n this last film all I could think was Y THE HELL WOULDN’T U WANT TO B N TRANSFORMERS ITS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!I am a HUGE transformers fan I can’t imagine what story their gona come up with on y he isn’t n this film Megan fox was one thing but him WOW And as for LP well when I think of TF I think of LP lol when ever im n my car and new divide comes on i picture myself driving bumblebee lol lame i no but I dont care lol again I could not imagine a TF movie without hearing a LP song n it shit my son and i look foward to that but like I said that was Shaya’s decision not the producer so hopefully he won’t cut out all the stuff he did n the other movies…I can’t wait to c it!!!


It’s a tad early in the film making process for them to even think of music for what mood they want in TF4. I wouldn’t be surprised if LP is left out of the new flick due to them wanting to go in a new direction with the series, but I also wouldn’t count them out.
Some newer Linkin Park fans we’re introduced to their music by the Transformers movies. Despite their popularity some people never have listened to LP so it’s always good exposure.