Tribute to Chester (Drawing - portrait)


This is the drawing I made for Chester


WOW! That is amazing! :heart_eyes:


It’s so realistic! Very good.


WOW. I have no other words :heartpulse:


Wow! :heart_eyes:
That’s so beautiful and real…!


Omg so lifelike u really capture how he is a wonderful man that be missed


Bloody hell man, that’s ridiculous. :open_mouth:


@the_termin8r literally beat my reaction
Bloody hell!
That’s incredibly realistic


OMG this is wonderful!!! better than a photo! you sure are very good at this! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


Awesome, good job!


Yeah guys, same reaction here too!

That is just soooooo… (Leave it it will extend infinity :sweat_smile: ) … feels like a printed one… damn amazing!! :+1::+1::+1::+1: Very nice!


Such a beautiful picture of a beautiful person.
I love this.


Thanks a lot!!


Thanks for all the compliments, they are well accepted. I appreciate it!!! :blush::wink:


Thank you :smiley:


Wow!!! So much detail!! I can’t believe this is a painting!! You are unbelievable Sam!!!



This is one of the best drawing of chester i ever seen . Best work ever. Keep the Legend alive


I was out seeing the sky and I saw it again last night. A star appeared in the horizon, I believed it was Chester smiling. Such a draw is now my favorite tribute to Chester. Once again: Beautiful work.


Wow, thanks I really appreciate it!! :metal:


:astonished::heart_eyes: I loved