Trump's Inauguration


Let’s talk about politics once in a while :smile:

Since Trump’s about to get inaugurated tomorrow.
So, who is excited about Trumps becoming a president? :smile:


I hope you’re joking about anyone being excited about Trump.


I’m in the United States Marine Corps, and we- hell most of the military- is excited because he’s expanding the forces and giving pay raises. It’s a good thing for us, and hopefully our nation will become less bitchmade like a bunch of whining girl scouts and more like a nation with thick skin again.

He may not be the most polite or presidential, but the man is very successful, so I believe he deserves a chance.


Evo, don’t you live in Greece?


No, I don’t.


LA would be my next guess.

Scratch that, California or a close state.


I agree with you @tenkaichi eventhough im not living in the US, from the news ive been reading, most of you US citizens dont really like the profile that Trump has brought, but hey, we should give everyone a chance, right :smile: and i think you just have to move on, because whether you like it or not, it’s happening, Donald Trump will be the US president, the leader of the world :smile:


There’s no rule against political discussion, but I can only see this topic ending in disaster


on the plus side, maybe there will be an inspiration to make another “kenji” fort minor song =|
not a plus but yeah… haha


It is what it is.

Life goes on, on Planet Earth.


@jFar920 haha you’re right…sometimes people get angry if other people don’t always agree with them, which is kind of “funny” :smile:


This thread only has 11…12 post. I don’t see this thread lasting long.


I think we can really judge him when he is inaugurated for like 4-6 months, when he has done his first decisive decisions.


The Copy/Paste game

Haha The Purge is not a really great movie :smile:

Is it “Make America Great Again” though, right?


I’m sorry everyone but I don’t see how a racist pig like him should have the slightest of power in running any country. He may have promised to do some good to certain people but even if I was one of the people that would benefit from him, I wouldn’t want him as my president.


No, he planned “Keep America Great” for his 2020 re-election campaign already:


Ahaha i c… Never heard of this before :smile: the slogan changing was really an insult to Obama’s administration :smile:


I don’t like to talk about politicians and religion :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a sexy topic in today’s social media :smile: