Tunnel Vision - Carpool Karaoke


I’m NOT a doctor or anything but the first thing that came to mind is Tunnel Vision. Chester knew what he was going to do but he played everything off happy go lucky because that’s how he wanted to be remembered. That’s how he lived his life. To him, that perfect day was The Perfect Day, as well as being with his kids and wife. The guy was suicidal, and Chris Cornell’s death really took the cake. Deep down Chester was still mourning but that’s hard to explain in the real world despite Mike being there all the time and looking out for his best friend. People like that you can’t get into their heads. His song Leave Out All The Rest explains a lot. The man wanted to go. So he took his last drink, went on The Road Less Traveled and was found Dead Until Morning. He knew what he was going to do. Hell, DR KEN an ACTUAL certified medical doctor was in the car with him and didn’t see signs because Chester hidden them so well. That’s how deep Tunnel Vision goes. Chester is gone. He knew what he wanted to do. You can call it selfish or whatever but the man was Bi-Polar and can hide his feelings/intention well. And so goes our beloved Chester


In a interview chester admit it that he was depressed and that he didn’t like to be alone in his own head . Yes he took his friend Chris Cornell death hard and he was trying to get over it and slowly he was . I don’t think he knew that his demons was goimg to take hem way form us. He was planning to go on tour with dead at sunrise. And linkin park he was happy .