Ha! finally found you on tw! :smile: Why it took me so long? ;dd


what are 6 month dear… if we look at it on galactical time schedule
gimme ya tw


I have a long fuse :joy: :joy: @Anngelenee :slight_smile:


same we?
I find ya for sure!


you can find me as NickGr16 :smile:


Is that ya @crizatu? Lol


I mostly just write in German but everyone’s welcome ► @JackyCeol :slight_smile:


oh, yep that’s me. I don’t use twitter too much… I usually login once a year, :smile:


Mine is @mxcmi You can follow If you don’t mind to see your tl full of Kpop stuff lol (jk, just a bit)


@cryingstlfan4 is me :laughing:


@ironsoldier16 I spend more time here or in Facebook, but you can follow me if you want.


Well we do @lptaci


Mine is



Can’t remember if I’ve posted mine before, I’m @melismcneill.