U have to write song about Chester..be alive LP


Last days were horrible for all of us , i know you lost not your friend , but brother, u lost much more then all we (fans), we all a family, but ure closer. I cant say how can u go thru it…but i ask u, be alive pls(as LP,as family), i know he was uniq and it will be different time for group. But please, dont leave us too.

Everytime ive listened to " one more light ". it was the song not for Chris only, for me , for now, its the song about friends we dont have this world..forever in our hearts: Chester and Chris. Hes always in my head, in my eyes, in my heart. Keep my energy guys, and words of support.

I want u to know , mb im not alone in this words, u have to write song about Chester, for uself. for him, for fans…so guys, idk wut happens tmrw , keep doing you`ve been doing, keep doing what Chester began with u.
Show us new age. Show us memory of the Big Men, of the Big Group. Long live the LinkinPark.

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I would love them creating a song in Chester’s memory, but they do not have to. It is their choice, and we shouldn’t put pressure on them. They don’t owe us anything. :slight_smile: In any case, Linkin Park will never be dead for me :heart:


Im agree with u . I will try to explain..This not kind of pressure , i mean it in positive way..such as: it was a Big men who need the own song. I know i cant say people what they have to do, and im sry for it. But we do really need this song, cos all of us carrying him inside.