U.S. Summit for Carnivores Tour 2014?


Hey guys and gals, do you think there will be a Linkin Park international Summit in the U.S. during the Carnivores Tour this year? I would think so, but I want to know what you guys think. Also, where do you think it will be?

U.S. Summit #1 was in Chicago (Midwest) and U.S. Summit #2 was in Camden, NJ (East Coast). So U.S. Summit #3…somewhere along the West. Huh?


Yes, they are planning the 10th Summit. It’s under NEWS/WELCOME NEW MEMBERS. No other info, that I know of, has stated when or where. Make sure you check daily or ya might miss out on something.


Thank you TX Fire Eyes. I will. :slight_smile:


Most would think west. I’m thinking South somewhere. Based on what I know Texas could be a POI (Point of Interest) as far as what venue who knows. If(when) there is a US Summit bet your asses I’ll be there! My vacation is going to be based on where the Summit is.