Hello LPUers :smiley:

What do you think of U2? I believe it’s one of the more professional bands. They have a great past and a great present.

I went to the U2 360* Stage Concert. It was awesome.

I also keep thinking if Bono and Chester sing this mashup Chester’s voice is a little high, i don’t know why.

Let me know your opinions! I think it would be awesome to see these 2 bands performing together.


Great band. One of my old school favorites. Seen them live at the 360 tour and it was amazing.


Great band :slight_smile: Me and my dad still listen to them now and then :smiley:


i really dont listen to them. not a fan. there is one song i like but i dont really listen to it


U2 is really great! I hope I can see them live one day…

U2 and LP together… I think this could be really good^^


Ok that video was frickin’ awesome. Haven’t seen it before.

Many, many years back U2 was my all-time favorite band. I saw the ZooTV and PopMart tours, but nothing since. I am not much of a fan of the newer stuff, just the 80’s and 90’s albums.


I’m fan of this band! It’s my childhood, my parents have all the albums. But yeah the old are better.
I see them too at the 360 tour, just amazing.


Thats the highest grossing tour of all freaking time! :D. I think Chester’s voice is a little high cause were not used to hearing Bono at the same time lol.


I went to their 360° tour and actually, they’re a very great band. :smiley:


U2 has many songs I like and one album which I love, which is Achtung Baby - great sound, great lyrics. :slight_smile:


I traveled to Poland in 2009 to see them live during their 360° Tour. And their show was something special, unique and unforgettable.



It was indeed a great show. Loved the 360 tour


That are the perfect adjectives for the 360° Tour: Unforgettable and Unique. I was in the Golden Ring (Spent the night outside the stadium sleeping on the floor. I didn’t even have a blanket, just me, my jacket and the grass) and it was AMAZING.


Absolutely smashing band. I will try and get tickets to see them live at the first opportunity!


La tercera es la vencida dicen, cuando vuelvan n ome los pierdo esta veez [smile][sad]


U2 are Fantastic. They are amazing live. Saw U2 360 Tour. Wow the stage was huge. The sound was sooo loud. Jay-Z opened for them and joined them on stage later in night. Was Great!


There’re some nice songs but I really like “New Year’s Day”.


Great band, but I think their time is over unfortunately. Their new music keeps getting worse and worse.


It’s definitely a great band with great performances on stage.
But I’m more focused on The Edge, 'cause I play guitar and like messing around with effects.
His rig is unique and his guitar sound too.