UK LPU going to LA?


Hey I’m from the Uk and I’m thinking about flying over to LA to see the show, anyone else thinking of doing this too?


I’m in Edinburgh and if we’re lucky enough to get tickets then myself and my friend will be going x


Hiya, I was looking to do the same but after crunching the numbers unfortunately not do-able :frowning: Holding out for a livestream of the event


I’ve got tickets and will be flying from London UK :slight_smile:


awh man :frowning: yeah i really want to go but if i cant ill be hoping for a live stream event in the UK


Are you making a holiday out of it? I would have to make it a 2 day trip because of work!! Plan to fly from Manchester if I can


Its good to know im not the only one…however I have no one to go with haha, it would be a lone travel!


I’m hoping to make a 3-4 day thing so can see some sites in between also!
My partner has work Sunday evening so need to be back so he can catch some sleep before back to working nights!

Luckily he had that week booked off work and I’m owed holiday so allowed to book a few days off. It’s fate!


Hey i keep getting errors when i try to purchase the tickets, i get as far as putting bank details in? did you struggle with this too?


Some people were getting the same errors but they said switching from a Desktop to the mobile app and vice versa worked for them. Hope this helps.


Made Facebook for people attending event! Feel free to join


I tried constantly for over half hour, got so many errors!

In the end I had to make a TM USA account on my laptop and put in my address and billing details and then I signed in on my phone and managed to purchase tickets that way.

I kept getting error 999 or something appear with no explanation :confused: it was stressful! Lol


I live on the east coast, I wish I was lucky enough to attend the show but financially I’m not able too :frowning:
I’m so bummed about it