UK LPU members?


Hey guys, just wondered how many other UK LPU members we have in? I’m from Birmingham. Send me a request please :slightly_smiling:


I’m in London. @BELL_LP , @Super_saiyen_Peewee and @Beckster2000 are the only active Brits here.


You can see all the members here if you put “UK” in the search box.


Not quite


Weird, I can:

And here’s the UK one:


Didn’t realize you could filter members:



Oh yeah, I forgot my other two accounts.

@Boxman_619 if you want 2 more friends feel free to add my other two accounts. One of them is termin8r and the other in the_guy_with_no_name. I’ll send you the requests.




Thanks Pee Wee. I’ve sent you a request. :slightly_smiling:


I am from the UK and I am in the screen shots above :slightly_smiling:


Yes, I’ve noticed you, but you don’t seem to post here. How come?


Paging @lizzi (I’m bored)


Hi :slightly_smiling:

I guess I don’t post much because sometimes I don’t have much to say and what I want to say typically has been said already.

Also, I am so so busy.

I should post more though TBH

:slight_smile: :slightly_smiling: