Umm im new to this


I dont really know what to do in this site/app im new to this can someone please explain


Welcome. What did u need to know?


You can write blogs, comment bligs of other LPU-members, make friends …
Have fun!!


Check all threads and post your opinion over there.
Write your blog and LPU members can look at it.
Check LPU store if you want to purchase anything.
Make friends and chat with them. Let others know how you became LP fan !


Hey! The comments are all pretty apt. As an LPU member, you also get first pick of concert tickets, access to summits, competitions, information before the larger fanbase and access to LP underground music.

I’d say an awesome place to check is the forums section. Lots of cool stuff like art and music (submitted by fans), similar bands other fans like and even trading merch. And LPU is one of very few places you can add strangers to your friends list without looking like a creep :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us do! And don’t be afraid to ask questions :slight_smile:


Hey there! :slight_smile: well you can add people and so chat with them via comments on each others walls! :slight_smile: the forum is just to discuss (random) stuff with other members!
Important for keepin in touch with LP and the LPU activities is the News-Tab and the Contest-/Events-Tab! :slight_smile: if u become good friends with some1 on the LPU u can either send private messages or say ask for Twitter/Facebook details :slight_smile:
Also important is the “point system” collect points by being active to get free stuff from the point store! Speaking of store u can buy merch from previous LPU years at the store!
Should u have any more questions => feel free to ask