Unable to join LPU with UK postcode?



I’m trying to buy the $10 membership for LPU and it doesn’t seem to want to let me unless I put an American address for my billing address. I even changed the country to UK, but it’s still saying invalid zip code. Can someone help?


I had this problem, it was because my billing address wasn’t the same address as The delivery address. So had to ring the bank and change.


I haven’t even been asked for a delivery address (trying to get the digital membership in any case), so I’m not sure that’s it… thanks for the suggestion though! I’ll check in case there’s a delivery address bit hiding somewhere.


I didn’t have any problems with that. :woman_shrugging:


I’m happy for you. Doesn’t really help the fact I am having problems with it though.


My billing and delivery address are the same and I had no trouble =)


As I already said above, I’ve never been asked for a delivery address, so that’s not the issue.


I’d just double check the address your card is linked to


I have, I’m afraid. That’s not it… boo. But luckily I finally managed to get hold of a tech support person who’s looking into it for me, so fingers crossed!


Hope it gets sorted for you :+1:t3: