Uncle Dies and no Albany event


Not trying to be a downer. Just looking to express my feelings. I woke up today (officially yesterday now I suppose) to the news my Uncle Died. Then throughout the day, saw Chester broke his leg and Albany show was canceled on Wed.

I guess it was a blessing as I am sure my mood would not have been great come Wed. But I it stinks that I am not able to numb the sadness for a few hours with everyone at the concert. I been listening to Castle of Glass a lot today just to get by.

On that note, hopefully Chester has a speedy recovery and is back soon and the rest of the tour continues without issues.

Good Night all…


I spent today buying extra batteries for my camera, and a few other things I would need for the show/hotel. Now it’s like I prepared for nothing.

Oh well, at least I was able to see them over the summer on the Carnivores Tour.

Sorry for your loss. :heart:


Sorry for your loss man. I hope the band will reschedule the shows as soon as Chester recovered from his injury.