Underground contest


anyone know when they are going to announce the winners?


Dude I have no idea, sitting here on pins and needles! Haha good luck :slight_smile:


yes us too! lol good luck to you!


Still no word eh?


I asked Lorenzo on Twitter yesterday. He just replied “No, we have winners”. Apparently I’m blind cause I do not see any announcement of the winners anywhere.


Winners were contacted August 27th, I think they’re just sorting out the legal aspects and such before publicly announcing the winner, in case they can’t travel during the chosen dates or don’t meet a certain requirement after all.


aw i guess we didnt win but hey look on the bright side, our songs were chosen by linkin park over hundreds who did submit so dont let this shit knock you down or get you upset about it. i know im still holding my head up high!


5 bucks says this ends up being like the LPU t-shirt contest/Lost in the Echo remix contest where nothing ever becomes of the winners. Still waiting on that fan-designed t-shirt from a couple years back to show up in the LPU store and Dual Personality’s remix of Lost in the Echo to be released through the apparently-forgotten Living Things Remixed program…


Lorenzo replied back on Twitter. He told me the winners were contacted already and the official announcement will be posted on September 9th. So, I guess that those who won know it already.


oh well:(


i would atleat like to know how many people voted for us…shooo


where on twitter did you write him?


[quote=Sound Detour]where on twitter did you write him?


Here’s our convo on Twitter and his replies https://twitter.com/lorenzoerr/status/373930575960088576


I have not seen or heard anything yet…just that today is the day…Good Luck! If you hear anything please post :slight_smile:


thanks, you too