Unfinished stuff by StephLP18


I am creating this topic after ace suggested that if you have some lyrics but don’t have a song you should still share it
And then I can get ideas form other people here

So thank you once again. @acemasters


Taking minute by minute
Is how I life it
To many times I dwell in the past
And I keep my eyes just looking though the glass

Just come up with this a few days ago
But don’t what to do next


Taking minute by minute
Is how I live it
To many times I dwell in the past
And I keep my eyes just looking though the glass

Step by step I walk my path
This is how my journey is
So many roads I have walked down
And I keep my options open when looking around

Hows that?!?


I really like that. Ace

Thanks for your help



I have found a flame in me and its ready to untite
So you better hold on real tight
Because something is going to burn
Because now its my turn

Pre chorus

Time I stand up and take my throne
So you can hear me all the way to Rome


I was the one that was looked at with a frown
But now I am. The one with the crown
I was the ghost no one could ever see
Now I have everyone bowing at my knees
I had people caqued at my thoart
Now I walk the tin line across the rope


I walk straight though the door
I see the heart I abhor
And others fall to the floor
But I will never fill that tore

Pre Chorus and Chorus


I am the one with the blade
Trying to prevent another crusade

Pre chorus and Chorus

Bridge 2

Even though I have the king and kingdom
I still lack the freedom

Pre chorus

Still working on this
That’s why I posted it here and not my other thread


Paragraph it so it doesn’t look like on continuious verse


Just did.


Bullets flying in the air
We you just watch and stare
See broken bones and blood
And hope lost in the mud
You try not to hear to gun
Or the people on the run
You try to imagine a fantasy
Because you can’t appect reality
Slowly going inside
Having yourself to blame
For the life you wasted
And the guilt you tasted
And everything you touch
Turns into a speck of dust