Unforgettable Persons


RIP Stephen Hawking

Curiosity: Albert Einstein born march 14(pi day) and lived to be 76 years old
Hawking died march 14(pi day) and lived to be 76

Galileo died January 8, 1642-hawking born January 8, 1942 (300years apart to the day)

It’s just us looking for order in the chaos that’s life but makes you wonder sometimes…


oooh!!! i really didnt knew both of them died on the same date with same age! :frowning_face:
RIP our gem stone of the world! :pray: :heart:

It really does



Aretha franklin passed the day before yesterday
And yesterday now, Korn’s jonathan davis’ wife/ex wife passed :confused:


Our former PM Atal B.V. . Truly he did a lot to stabilize the economy. And he died on our independence day . :heart: RIP sir.


Lemmy Kilmister died 12 28 2015. He was the founder and frontman of motörhead


Rest in peace, Mac Miller


That was unexpected :confused:
Burt Reynolds!
He will always be coach from the longest yard in my head :confused:


My co-workers all agree that Burt Reynolds was as great an actor as John McCain was a senator.


RIP Stan Lee


RIP Steven Hillenburg creater of SpongeBob SquarePants.


Man, when did he pass?


ALS cut his life short Monday at 57.


George HW bush

Oh how presidents of days past seem like wonderful beings in comparison to today…


Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor


Rest in peace, Carol Channing.