Unfulfilled Order and awful customer experience from the LP Underground online store


My order from the store is GC0901-110112-8R41LWX. I logged a complaint in Jan 2013 about an order placed in Nov 2012. The order was apparently shipped in Nov 2012 also and delivered to address but I had recieved no parcel. The reponse was that because it was more than 8 weeks ( for delivery in South Africa) since I ordered they would resend me my order.

I was asked to be patient and I honestly thought that my order would be delivered by March 2013 for my friends birthday as a gift. I was asked for a new address to send the order even though I had received other orders at the original address from LPU. They then amended the billing address on my order without changing the status of the order fro “Fulfilled” to “Awaiting Shipping”.

Now when I query the status, they continue to provide me with a generic reponse that the order was shipped in Nov 2012!!! The staff handling my query are completely incompetent. I have paid for a product/service and nothing has been provided!
In essence, this equates to LPU being thieves. I have not received my order nor a refund.

Does anyone know what I can do except from logging queries/requests that are always closed without me receiving any information at all?!


It is obviously not ground(ctrl)'s fault. The moment they ship it, it is up to your postal service to deliver it so try going to the nearest post and asking about your package.


I have done that numerous times. And nothing was received. I’ve ordered from here before and had no issues. They promised to resend and never have.
They keep refering to the initial shipping date which is evidence that they have not resent my package. This has left a bitter taste in my mouth and I will NEVER order another thing from this site again. Not just the fact they it was not delivered, but that I receive what appears to be generic responses and that respondantsdo not read the history on my requests.No one really cares about the experience of the fan purchasing through the store and that it such a pity!


I feel you, I really do. I never had any issues with my orders until this year. After lots of patience and contacting support again and again, it was resolved.
Just keep in mind that it’s not always their fault. (plus I know for a fact that they haven’t been shipping certain orders because of the lack of some stuff included in the packages and some stuff from the store being out of stock)

Give them a call and see what happens. You won’t gain anything via email unfortunately.


Hi, these items were resent to you on 4/12. Please keep an eye out!