Unify and affiliate LPU


Hey guys, I have been an LPU member since LPU 14 but I have only recently started using the digital membership to socialise with different people.

So I thought it would be nice if we could use this tab to all introduce ourselves and add each other as friends to further optimise our LPU experiences!

I hope you guys enjoy this and I cant wait to meeting some of you!

Thanks fellow soldiers.


Hi, there are already a lot of threads with people introducing themselves like here, here, here and here.

Your best shot is to just be active in the site and the forums, add people, etc. Have fun and welcome!


Great ideas! There is plenty of social activities on the forum already.

You can try the ones @EvoOba suggested and if you’re done there, you are more then welcome to jump in at threads such as the **Can you touch your shoulder**s?:slight_smile:

Or… You can jump in at the Tavern to talk about food, because it all comes down to food and it is a wonderful subject to talk about.

Anyways. Nice to meet you. Here, have a cookie:


ANY TRY´S WELCOME :blush:lol and you @InfamousCyclone are welcome too
…in every right excisting thread due to get in CONTACT…lol
hi @everybody @evooba @gatsie, give prediction girls/guys btw, is @samuel_the_leader meeting me here? WOULD BE SOOO NICE:::as everybody of you too, but he´s like mb lil brother, lol sry, but I wanna SHOUT IT OUT :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like fun. Please tell me more of this meet up?


like you ´ve no idea, if it is at least A HAPPENING or not, @samuel_the_leader [sure a :heartbeat: curious me…us…but he [and everybody would adore it here, no ppl, the beach right infront, place like paradies…lol :kissing_heart: to ya btw, lol :relieved:[ missed ya a bit last weeks]


A nice beach with lots of sun and good food? That sounds like paradise indeed.

Can’t stay away from here for too long, I guess this LPU is growing on me :slight_smile:


Can you exxplain, can´t get ya…@gatsie, but YES VERY GOOD FOOD very sunny, beachy, relaxed like camping, but not with a tent [that was my exp. with camping, but with such a homee on wheelss [ must have to involve it to my 5 years plan] is soooooooooooooo great…just freedom in times of

love the vid, esp. the part SHES SHAKING HIM SHOUTING I NEED TO LOVE/YALOVE::::::lol cheers to everybody in mood…