Unite and take over


[biggrin]By t he song changing the habbits I changed actually 3 years ago my life. The power of the music from LP gave me power, clearness and strengh. So now I want to take over my part in the community, to become a part of this powerfull community, to bring forward the FSM and the life and workmovement to the world. The last experience with the music, lyrics, videos from LP was, that it gave me the power to get back on my feet after a really tough operation caused by cervical spondylosis, which nearly costs me my mobility. So in addition to my prayers it was at first the music of Linkin Park, the voices of maik and chester, the lyrics from all of them and the SPIRIT within, than helped me to weather my krisis this summer. another asapect is my work with angry kids, LP helped them out and turns them, in what way ever. I’ m looking forward for the hunting party gig in munich, cause i got a meet and greet oppotunity, thank good. If you feel the same as me, write it down - RIGHT HERE & RIGHRT NOW