Unknown-33 - In Pieces (LP Cover)


One of the very first LP cover’s I did was this one. This goes back to late 2013/2014 when I was just starting to write lyrics. At this point, I didn’t know if I wanted to take a more mellow (Rock) or just spitting bars (Rap) route. It is very early work and a spoiler… I mess up the end lol. So, this is just an MP3 I’ve had for a LONG time and just wanted to share with you guys!


The beauty of an ever questioning mind

What’s the mess up? I don’t notice it haha


It actually was the part that Chester used to add at the end “Don’t lie, to me”. It was off queue lol.


It’s a nice cover nonetheless :grinning:


Very nice!


Thanks man, really appreciate your kind words!


Thank you also, glad you liked it!!


Why did I miss it!?! :scream: well done!like your style! :smile:


Thank you very much! Most of my friends tell me I should head towards a more soft Rock type mixtape next as I am done rapping lol.