"Unofficial" Linkin Park Meetup in London! 13 Dec


Hey everyone! We will have a Linkin Park (Underground) meetup in London!
It’s going to be at Winter Wonderland @Hyde Park at 5.30pm.

Hope to see ya all soon!

Facebook Event Site: https://www.facebook.com/events/363744450480835/


Ooooh wish I could attend… (Was so great meeting all of you in London last month!) Too broke now thanks to the LP shows haha. :frowning:


Hiya, where abouts exactly in WinterWonderland will the meet up be and how will we know who’s who?


Do i hav to get tickets???. I wanna go lool.


hey, we will meet at the main entrance (big arch), when you enter the market (I think its called angels market)

@lpjordie - no you dont need any tickets, its for free :smile:

you could attend the facebook event for updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/363744450480835/

or just message me over lpu/facebook - I can pm you my phone number if necessary - looking forward to saturday, we are now about 10 people :smile:


I want too :frowning:




Do let’s know how was it. I would love to see other LPU members :smile: