Unofficial LP Underground Dubtrack Community


Sadly, closed down, and doesn’t look like it’s coming any time soon, so we have now switched to Dubtrack. The site is a bit buggy, but overall it works. All guidelines will stay the same.

The community URL is:

General Information

  • This community is 100% unofficial and is in no way related to Linkin Park or LP Underground aside from being a place for Linkin Park fans to listen to music together.
  • It’s free. You don’t even need a LP Underground account to use it, it’s just the name of the community.
  • I did not make this website. It’s the equivalent of making a group on Facebook, nothing spectacular.


  • You can play any artist you want, it isn’t restricted to only Linkin Park.
  • Only play single songs. No albums.
  • Try to stay under 10 minutes if possible.
  • Music may be explicit.
  • Don’t play the same song close within a small time frame.

Of course accidents happen, you aren’t going to get banned if you do one of these things.

Any questions, just ask!

LPU "Radio" Style Room on

To anyone reading who isn’t a member yet. If this happens it’s no biggie, the site sometimes bugs out and plays the same song twice on your turns (it happened to me 3 times today :laughing:) , that’s not your fault.

#3 changed how things work just a bit ago I guess. You can only have 1 playlist now, can’t import playlists from YouTube, and some other stuff unless you pay $1 a month. Luckily I imported a YouTube playlist 15 minutes before this change :smile:. I still have both my playlists, but the blog says that they are supposed to hide all but your active one. It’s also $3 a month for the higher subscription. If survives I might do that, but not until I know it does

Also lucky for you @The_early_walker, everyone that donated got however many dollars you donated turned into months of the lower subscription. So if you donated $6, you have 6 months of the silver subscription (which is basically functions we had before…)

But for the good news, it seems less likely the site will get shut down now by the sounds of it


This is good news, I might be able to convince my parents to let me get the gold, if not they’d probs let me get a silver. Luckily my 71 PLs are still there :smile: If they were’t I’d have been livid. Now I can get a chance to decide my final PL for when the subs get switched on. I’m just gonna merge my Grabs and One off, the rest are just albums.


When is it that the silver and gold plans will actually start to be used?


Sorry, couldn’t come on today. What are those subscriptions exactly?


One is $1 and one is $3, both monthly, and they give you extra features, or in some cases, give back basic featured from before they changed the subscriptions around


If you want to continue using plug. Silver grants you what we had until yesterday. Gold gives you acces to avatars (nothing special). The current standard one only allows for one PL and no PL imports


So, when I got home from work today, the donation percent was 8%. Went up 1% since yesterday opposed to 1% over two days previously, good right?

I reloaded the room just now. 43%?

Edit: They changed goal or something. Now it’s asking 100% by the same date instead of 30%. The math doesn’t really add up though, 8 of 30 is about 27%, not 43%. I don’t know.

Also, @the_termin8r1, you should get the ZZ Top-ish looking bear since you got the normal bear now


Yeah, I noticed, that. I’m planning on either the dancing burger or one of the robots. I’m getting a gold sub so there will be a lot of avatars that I’m gonna use. I’ll probably rotate them on a daily basis.


We’re watching the entire awesome 2004 Linkin Park Rock am Ring performance if anyone wants to join!


Aww so many changes. Thankfully when I logged in just a second ago I saw that l could still access both my playlists. And pretty much everything else looks normal. But then again, my bunny is all by itself in there. Maybe if others are in there too I could really experience the changes you mentioned :slight_smile:


is it shoot down? Can´t find neithr enter my acc


It should be working I’m on right now.


Just found a brilliant loophole on plug. If you haven’t or can’t sub (like me) and you have 2 or more PLs you can still use every single one.

Just find your 2 smallest ones and merge them (pick a PL, click on a song, then click on the PL title, then click on the song again then press ctrl+a [clicking the song, PL title and song again is to prevent you from highlighting the whole web page instead of the PL], then drag and drop one into the other). Once you’ve merged them, go back to the one that you D&D’d, again select all songs and delete the SONGS NOT THE PL. You should now have an empty folder. Keeps this folder empty so that you can transfer PLs between it and your active PL.

What I mean by this is that when you want to change your active PL, copy and paste the contents of the active PL into the empty folder, then delete the SONGS in the ACTIVE PL and C&P the songs from your desired PL into the active one (but don’t empty the folder you just C&P’d).


hmm… ok I’ll give this another go.


Since only a handful of us visit I’m not sure how well this will do, but I thought it’d try it out. Would you guys want to do a weekly entire album listening party? If so, vote below!

Time of day will be determined after day is.

Day of the Week

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

0 voters

Album (Sticking to stuff on Linkin Park’s channel, for now)

  • Hybrid Theory
  • Reanimation
  • Meteora
  • Live in Texas
  • Minutes to Midnight
  • Road to Revolution
  • A Thousand Suns
  • Living Things
  • Recharged
  • The Hunting Party

0 voters


I’m cool with any day between Fri and Mon (the next week) and with any album apart from recharged.


agreed :grinning:


happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy agggggggggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeement :grinning: