Unpublished Song feat. Mark Morton (lamb of god)


Cross off is like the oldschool Nu Metal times and I’m fuckin’ loving it :heart_eyes::sunglasses::yum::metal:t2:


I love this fucking song


i am in love with it too


This was/is him at his best…

When I first heard it i actually cried, because its a new song with Mr.Bennington (sad I know)


Damn I still need to give this a listen


I cant get enough of this song


I am in love with this song. Too. @acemasters


This :heart:


This song is awesome!:heart::heart:


Quote 1000%

Did you survey everything you laid to waste
And cross off the days?


Heavy is the hand that points the finger (FINGER!)
Heavy is the heart that’s filled with anger (ANGER!)


That empty mic though https://youtu.be/4KdCEg7I8A0