Unreleased Reanimation Remixes


Wikipedia says, that there were some remixes from Tricky, Prince Paul, DJ Z-Trip and Team Sleep ("My December’). Is there any info about them?


Prince Paul had a song on his band’s Handsome Boy Modeling School White People album that feautured Mike and Chester. Same goes for Z-Trip, on his Shifting Gears album, he has a song that feautures Chester.

Not sure if those were the tracks though (I doubt it).


I know about them, and they have no connection with Reanimation :slight_smile:


All we know about the Team Sleep one is that it was handled solely by Crook and not the whole band - I don’t even remember where that information came from but I remember that. Basically any other information that’s out there is purely speculation.


I remember someone asked Team Sleep about possibility of releasing it but they said something like “probably never”, ugh.


I wonder why…


The obvious guess is it’s something label-related