Unscramble the Song Title


(Haven’t found one like this, sorry if it exists)

Post a song title, can be of any artist, scrambled. You can also scramble the artist to the side if you’d like.


rapt fo em - kilnni rkap


Part of Me - Linkin Park

Last one to comment loses :joy:

tle wndo - eadd yb snuseir

Linkin Park or other music artists and other music. why can you relate to it?

Let down - dead by sunrise

a piece of cake.

jtus ilek uoy - hrtee yad fo gaerc =


Just Like You - Three days (of) grace

tcu het rocd - nedwnoihs


cut the cord - Shinedown

lcabk adreap - ym lcaemchi mroncea

now try this one


black parade - my chemical romance

bnooyd yrpangi ofr em - eehstre


can you give me one little hint having a little difficult time


The band is Seether, don’t cheat :wink:


Nobody praying for me - seether

It took me while because i had to make word with the unscramble words on the loose leaf and count the words that was on their but i think i did the ending part was easy though.:cold_sweat::slight_smile:


elsml keli nete tirpsi - anirnva

got a another one for you


smells like teen spirit - Nirvana
XD easyyyyyy

itl i pallosce - mmeeni


til i collapse - eminem (!? just trying to make words with the letters given… :grin:)

niress - aple maj


Til I collapse - Eminem

so easy: :stuck_out_tongue

now try this one it might be easy

netwty neo tslipo - natnehshen


gasp there’s two…

sirens - pea®l jam @taissacartolano

twenty one pilots - (heathens i’m guessing?) @coolcat96


darn your good


There was actually too many letters in heathens but i figured that’s what you meant XP @coolcat96

pieemr ntas - origllza


Empire Ants - Gorillaz

mschis - loot

this one might be tooo easy


Schism - tool
They’ve all been quite easy to me

korc n lolr - del ppzenile


Rock n roll - Led Zeppelin

Defe het aihemnc - erd


Feed the Machine - Red

Tsha fof ot het llbu - veellhc


Hats Off To The Bull - Chevelle (nice one)

okerdoc tethe - appa orcha