Untitled - Ace Masters (unfinished RIP Chester)


Ripped apart, away from my heart, losing you was just the start.
Crying pain, driving me insane, losing the will to begin again.
Scarring within, crawling in my skin, to myself i’ll never win.
Defeated by fear, my sadness is near, and it has driven me here.


Beautiful. I feel your every word. I wasn’t quite sure where to share what I’ve been writing too…it also doesn’t have a title…I’m not sure if it’s finished yet, either. :confused: If you don’t mind, I guess I’ll just share it here:

I can’t stand the rain
What once brought me joy
Brings me pain now
Will I feel again
The way I felt then?
Your death like a stain
I can’t get it
Out of my brain
Why did you go away?
I need you with me

You’re so far away
I feel betrayed
Come back to me
You’re all I need
To hear your scream
And bring relief
I need you to come back to me


Thats fine with me :blush:


BIG and very touchy


its really very nice…i never could have written so well! :slight_smile: (i want to like more than once)