Upcoming events (concerts) in germany this year?


Hello Everybody :wink: ,
Do you konow, whether there will be some concerts except “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park” in germany this year :wink: ???

Looking forward to your answers :wink:



im 100% sure there will be. Just wait for some days or weeks.


Not sure, probably, they come to Germany all the time!! [lol]


I hope so, because can´t go to festivals, because of my wheelchair, so must wait for solo shows.


there is no option in rock am ring for ppl that need a wheelchair?
thats unfair


i hope there will be some arena concerts, but they gave so much concerts in the last 2 years in germany that i must confess that it would be a bit unfair when they give so many concerts again here :S

anyway i hope there will be other concerts in germany :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope so, something in Cologne would be great :smiley:


I’m hoping for another date too since i cannot make it to rock am ring / rock im park.
Also i prefer arena shows more than festivals


It’s practically their 2nd home so don’t worry, if not in June, definately fall or something xD


well I hope so too but to be honest I doubt it.
I think they’ll do festivals only in Europe (except St. Petersburg maybe because of a summit) . Then around the album release they’ll tour the US (maybe Projekt Rev) and after that in autumn/winter they’ll return to Europe with a headline tour…


I actually hope so… solo concerts ftw! Though i still have to travel to Germany, i enjoy a solo concert more than a festival.