Upcoming Project Remix LIST (Plans/wants/etc)


Sorry I wasn’t active, 25th was Christmas so of course I couldn’t work on anything, and today I had work / had to go out

Anyways…The Project List! (Plans/Wants/Not going to)

Planned (FOR NOW):

Papercut (This is the hardest one because every version of paper cut, pprkut, its demo, etc are SOOOOO different so I will have to toy around with it)

Carousel Basically I will be combining the Demo with The Studio version

1stp Klser Will be combining The demo with The Studio version

The Catalyst Taking parts of the short and extended versions to create a new version

System Although not a full LP song, Chester is in it. I will combine Chester’s with Jonathan Davis’s version (will bring back the 1stpklsr feeling of them singing together)

Faint Basically The Intro From Jigga What Faint without Jay-z (Only LP)

Wants (Not sure if I will make these like I want to be able to):

Numb Encore, but without Jay-z (The whole Numb song)

Big Pimpin Papercut, (No jay-z and the whole Papercut song)

In The End, I don’t know yet

Place for my Head, don’t know

Session, Extended

NOT GOING TO (Because Its pointless or its impossible without it sounding stupid):

My December, I want to combine Hybrid Theorys with Reanimations but don’t think itll sound good

Not going to add other bands/singers and make a custom song (Like for example Toxic Faint)

Not going to just take any song and just add little effects or make a dubstep or whatever

Those are The Plans / Ideas for now :grin:


The my December one sounds awesome


I actually said Im not going to…but I could try :sweat_smile: