UPDATE: Mr. Hahn's Birthday Project!


I’ve gotten a lot of great messages from people working on this, asking for more time.

The effort put into these sleeves is pretty awesome, and there’s also the fact that touring is done until August.

I was thinking of making a video made up of “in progress” photos of the sleeves, but then that’d ruin the surprise of how awesome they are.

So there will be a simple video letting him know artists in this fan-base of all levels are working on gifts, and he’ll be receiving them when he least expects it.
But that we wish him a great birthday of course.

So, deadline is pretty much as far as July! :smiley: Don’t rush your work, take your time, have fun, and let’s keep in touch. (: For those of you that have already turned them in, feel free to ask for round 2!

All are still welcome to keep on Tweeting me or Inboxing me questions (: From what I’ve seen, I won’t really want to hand over the sleeves!

Thanks for having fun with this (:

Original Post:

Hi everyone!

Rob’s was a success by Sarah (@gloomymushroom). Phoenix’s is coming along great with Irene’s (@irenekrygowski), Mike (see @lpfancorner) and Chester’s (see http://chesterbdayprojekt3.blogspot.mx) are in progress and that leaves Joe’s to begin!

…there’s a long while for BBB’s… (:

Anyways, here is the breakdown, and much thanks to Adie K for support!

  1. The first part is the collection of birthday Tweets for him.

Only those within the character limit of a single Tweet will be accepted.
I will find these tweets by the hashtag #HahnBDay. I will stop collecting them March 5th 5:00 pm PST.

These Tweets will be written on blank vinyl records.

  1. The second and most dedicated part will be the SLEEVES of these records.

As of now, I have 10 Soldiers designing an entire sleeve for a record. I am now opening this option to everyone-- LPU or not! So if you have someone in mind while reading this, let them know!

The sleeves will be blank and of sturdy material that can take on almost any medium. So paint, marker in, make a collage- have fun with it!

The only “requirement” is integrating “Happy Birthday Mr. Hahn” into the design. This can be in any language, too!

On the back, I will box off the area that will be covered in translucent paper, so keep that in mind when designing.

“Produced by” will be on each sleeve and will have your name on it!

The sleeves are being made by me, all exact in size, so please let me know if you’d like to participate to mail the sleeve to you ASAP. I will be glad to ship internationally as long as you understand you have to ship it back at your own cost as well. So far, I have 4 international artists.

The deadline for these sleeves will have to be March 5th to allow March 10th the latest for its physical arrival back to me. So-- please notify me ASAP for you to have more time!

  1. For those of smaller talent or with less time, there is another option aside from the sleeves to let out your artistic side.

Attack a blank CD with Sharpies! :smiley:

3b) For every CD designed, I will make a multi-fold booklet of signs. Otherwise, they will be collected and put on a single CD as a video (which will not be done by me specifically because I am technologically challenged :D)

Whether or not made into CD booklets- please make your birthday signs 525(X) by 490(Y).

  1. [Same as 3b]

Birthday signs can be sent to nlopezdearenosa@yahoo.com. Please make the subject: Hahn’s Birthday Project

Take photos of your progress to make a blog post!

My creative junkie within is pretty excited for this and I hope you will be too. I was honored to be in Sarah’s great video and I stupidly procrastinated on Phoenix’s card and I will probably do the same for Mike’s project, but at least I’m working ahead for March! :DD And I’m sure we’ll all be far prepared for BBB’s birthday. (:

Find me on Twitter for updates on this every now and then (@nlopezdearenosa) or to ask questions.

Thank you! I’m glad this year we are making sure all the guys have unique gifts from the Linkin Family! #LPUHug



Have you sent the stuff in the mail yet? I haven’t gotten anything, so I am just wondering xD.


[quote=Kameiko]Have you sent the stuff in the mail yet? I haven’t gotten anything, so I am just wondering xD.


I wonder if it got lost in the mail O_o.

Sure :D! Do you need my addy again?