Upload Pics in LP App (Android)


Hey, sorry if this is a repeat thing.

I can’t upload pics from my phone to the forum (I have an Galaxy S8 standard build not jailbroken).

So, when I go in and type a comment into the forum, and click the upload button, then click ‘choose files’ it basically then just sits there like a dummy. If I change it to ‘from the web’ that looks like it works - but go back to ‘choose files’ and click on the button in the hope it’ll bring up some type of file explorer or gallery - nah.

Can’t drag and drop a pic - cos it’s a phone…so, yeah…
Any ideas?


The app has been ok ish for a year now. I think the massive influx of new people has caused glitches. Hopefully they fix them soon x


I don’t have a Galaxy, or even an Android for that matter, so I can’t really give any advice on how to get it to work, since it works on my iPhone, but in the settings of the app, under the profile tab, you can send feedback to the app developers and tell them your problem


I have the galaxy 8 too i upload picture fine on my but some of them i took. But i found a way to upload the file . Go to file and pick Gallery and pick a picture u what . It should ask u to share.


I have a galaxy s6 and cannot upload either. Oh well…i guess its incompatable with androids.