***Urgent***HongKong Standing Area Ticket and the LPU Pass


As the date is coming up, something i need to clarify. My friend is facing a problem that she needs your guys’s help. She bought a Linkin Park standing ticket couple months ago. Now the thing is whether she can enjoy the LPU Pass early entry benefit to the show without obeying the policy which rise by AsiaWorld-Expo.

[size=100]Standing zone admission arrangement[/size][cool]

Holding Area for standing zone ticket holders opens 4 hours before show time. Standing zone ticket holders should queue up at the Holding Area according to both the ZONE/SECTION and the sequence of queuing no. printed on the ticket.
Admission starts 2 hours before show time (subject to change based on actual situation) and Standing zone ticket holders in the Holding Area will be admitted into the concert hall.
Standing zone ticket holders arriving subsequently after the commencement of admission, their queuing no. on the ticket is no longer valid and would enter the concert hall after all the ticket holders within the Holding Area are admitted.

The arrangement above will be subject to change as the case may be. AsiaWorld-Expo Management Ltd. reserves the right to amend the arrangement without prior notice.

Detail Infomation: http://www.asiaworld-expo.cn/html/en/eventcalendar/EventDetail_0F2F514E56CF420DAC708D832659F451.html

So the LPU early entry is totally conflict with this policy. What can she do? if we queue for the standing area,why we have to buy a pre-sale standing ticket which got the sequent number? Or if we have the LPU pass, why we need to queue for the show?

This question is freaking her out.


As seen from lpu facebook page, if your friend is a current LPU member, she needs to wear the LPU laminate for the LPU early admission.

If she’s not an LPU member, then she hv to follow the rules of the venue. Just arrive the venue before the door opens, and she can get into the queue according to the queuing number printed on the ticket.

This queuing policy is only for public. If your friend is going to the summit, then I guess we can enter the venue before the door opens.

Hope this helps


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oh~thanks for help