URGENT! West Palm Beach, FL


Hey! I ordered a m&g for this Friday at West Palm and it says I was supposed to receive an email, but I haven’t received it yet! And I don’t know who to email to get that email. Could anyone that’s going tell me what the email said and all the information?? Please and thank you!


wait you ordered one? do you mean you applied for a M&G? or do you have a guaranteed M&G from the VIP package?

Although I think the info is sent today for West Palm Beach, maybe give it a bit more time :slight_smile:


I have a guaranteed M&G from the VIP package


The LPU people got their info yesterday afternoon, check your junk email? You bought it via Ticketmaster / Livenation right? yeah you definitely should have gotten it already for the M&G confirmation that is, if it’s a time and place then that’s emailed the day of the show i believe