Use a LP in your response


I am making this thread after seeing some soldiers doing that in @acemasters theard

So I wanted this idea to have somewhere to belong because just wanted this happend and I guess I will leave out all the rest

Battle of the Songs: Champions League 3 Final Results, Awards and What Is Next?

You must of had that thought From The Inside


Nope I was just breaking the habit that’s all lol


And right now I am glad not to be talking to myself

But right now I try to go back to sleep finding a place for my head


Inside my head there’s the fire of a thousand suns! Yaay! :sun_with_face: :laughing:


Why does this topic doesnt have a Foreword or an Opening? When will the session start?


Yay! Finally we got a whole thread for this game! Our words won’t be invisible anymore :hugs:


Let’s start the rebellion!


I will be ready to mark the graves lol


I really don’t want to do no laundry!


Alright, so you’re standing alone with no direction instead of doing them!


I can’t do it without wisdom, justice and love. Would you teach me those secrets?


Where did the Robot Boy go?


I don’t know, he said something about “Somewhere I belong I’ll stay.”


That answer is TooLeGit.


There’s no roads left to go down after this


But you must hit the floor during the morning after.


Side note here I am Okay of you what to use fort minor or dead by sunrise
Here as will

So fell free to step up to the challenge


Guess I’ll take The High Road


While I’m left walking in circles trying to find my way in the darkness