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I am always with you until the end

Random one - When someone annoys you, you take one step closer to the edge and youre about to break.


But finally you don’t. As long as you hear the sound of your battle symphony.


And the weight of the world will give you the strength to go


Well, you are Halfway Right. I do feel Powerless sometimes.


Tell me about it… I scream at myself when there’s nobody else to fight…


I’m crawling in my skin trying to tell myself i’m fine, but in my head I know i’m my own worst enemy. You try to take the best of me, GO AWAY!


Yeah, but as you always say, when life leaves us blind love keeps us kind… :heart:


And if you need a friend, there’s a seat here alongside me.


If you felt invisible, I won’t let you feel that now… It’s just that sometimes things refuse to go the way we planned


Yes and that’s when we start walking in circle…


True, I got a long way to go… I’ve been searching for an answer, always just out of reach


And still wondering what we don’t know


Looking everywhere, only to find…


Somewhere I belong